Edible Water Pods Versus Plastic Wastes Problem

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Discover Ooho. An edible water pod courtesy of Skipping Rocks Lab.

These water pods are made 100% of plants and seaweeds according to its manufacturers making it edible and biodegradable at the same time. Imagine how it would lessen our plastic bottle wastes if these marvelous edible water pods would circulate the market. According to this post from theguardian, the world is buying a million bottles per minute. Think about that. Million bottles per minute? That’s a lot and considering the fact that not many of us really take the effort to involve ourselves to plastic waste reducing actions, this is really deteriorating to the environment.

Edible Water Pods

(Photo: Skipping Rocks Lab)

These water pods will be a humongous step to eliminating plastic bottles. Some of the characteristics of these pods according to Skipping Rocks Lab are the following:

  • It is 100% made of Plants & Seaweed
  • Biodegradable in 4-6 weeks, just like a piece of fruit
  • Edible, can be flavoured and coloured
  • Fresh (shelf life of a few days)
  • 5x less CO₂, 9x less Energy vs PET
  • Cheaper than plastic

Cheaper than plastic!? Wow! Now that’s what we need. And if we’re really innovative, imagine other liquid-based products this pods could hold. Condiments maybe like ketchup? The number possibilities could be huge. This is really a great environment-saver coming from Skipping Rocks Lab.

If you want to learn more from them and about this great product, visit their site at www.skippingrockslab.com.


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